Winter Services in the Chicagoland Area

JB. Block Enterprises, Inc. has additional presence during the winter months with holiday decorations and lighting, snow removal services and seasoned firewood.
Tree with lights - Christmas decoration in Arlington Heights, IL
House with Christmas trees - Christmas decoration in Arlington Heights, IL
  • Our holiday displays of lighting and greenery can be adjusted for needs at shopping centers, condominiums and at residential homes. We can provide the lights, set up displays with timers, and monitor them throughout the season. In January displays are taken down, equipment is checked and returned to you for storage.
  • Snow removal is handled by a fleet of plow trucks and shoveling crews, clearing snow at our commercial accounts and many residential homes.
  • We are continually stacking hardwood to allow it time to dry out and “season.” We can deliver the firewood and stack it according to your needs. It is also available year round for backyard fire pits.
Call at 847-253-9679 in the Chicagoland Area for these seasonal services.